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Welcome to Halfwing.

+Halfwing+ "If they have come from heaven, you call them angels. If they are from hell, you call them demons. But if they are conceived here on earth, you call them halfwings." Year 2022. The world is at the brink of another world war. And this might be the last as the weapons of choice are humans themselves. Referred to as Halfwings, because of the protruding wing-like nerves on their back and other body parts, they are beings genetically-engineered to be used as weapons for warfare. They are physically stronger and mentally more capable than average humans and possess a body immune to diseases and other viruses. Not everyone knew of their existence and only the top governments of the world have the knowledge and technology to create them. Country: (First-World) REPUBLICA RIVAS, camouflaged as a local pharmaceutical company in Republica, is the core producer of the best halfwings in the world. Using children orphaned by previous wars, RIVAS trains these youths through informal but deadly combats to choose candidates for the halfwing gene.

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Halfwing launches!

Posted by xxheartlessbitchxx
November 6th, 2009, 2:00 am
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Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Halfwing! Comics coming soon!

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